Project information



2nd year product design

6-week project @ Strate – School of Design

Group project (2)


I realized this project in the scope of « design of reality » and « poetry of things » classes. The brief was to create a wood construction set for kids. Our project had to be prototyped in the school’s workshop to better understand the industrial process.


We were interested in experimenting with two different materials, wood which is solid and straps which are flexible. We recognized that the traction, suspension and
wrapping offers a lot of interesting assembly possibilities. Our idea was to use pressure buttons to assemble the parts because they can be used both on wood and fabric. The construction kit comes with a tale about a carpenter and a tailor which explains the game and gives the user some starting points for constructions to complete the story.
We first started testing different materials and pressure buttons, as well as various sizes and shapes for the wooden parts. Finally, we experimented also with different strap length.