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Needing a new bed for myself, I started analyzing my previous bed’s imperfections/weakness- es. It turned out that the screw based fixations were the core parts that made the bed unstable and squeaky. As I wanted a bed that would last a long time, and which could be easily disassembled and displaced, it was obvious to me not to use neither screws, nails nor glue to hold the different parts together.


My bed is composed of four simple main parts manufactured by a CNN ma- chine and assembled with a ratchet strap which creates a graphic line running all around the bed.
The bed can be assembled by two persons in less than 5 minutes and with- out any tools.
To build the bed, I used a thick beech laminated veneer panel from Germany, which is very robust and gives an original look through its multi-shades veneer layers which run perpendicular to its surface.