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6-week project @ IF Design Talent Award 2019

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As part of the IF Design Talent Award 2019 the brief for this project was to develop innovative childcare products. As parents in the 21st century pursue a different lifestyle and values than previous generations, baby care products should be more sustainable and more flexible.

Today’s way of living involves more mobility and flexibility. With the arrival of a child it is sometimes difficult to maintain this mobility. Being on the go now means dragging around diapers, bottles, linen, a baby bed or yet a stroller… In short, the essential to take care of the baby. But as more and more parents are seeking a healthy way of living and want homemade food for their baby, taking the necessary kitchen appliance on a trip is bulky and often poorly adapted.

How can parents prepare healthy food for their child while they are on the go?


Kan-go is a compact mobile kitchen appliance, to be used at home or on the go, that enables parents to prepare homemade and healthy food. Easy to maintain and autonomous, it allows to cook fresh food wherever you are. By combining different modules, it is possible to steam vegetables and meat, to mix them and to turn them into baby adapted puree. The meal can be instantly warmed up anywhere due to its battery.