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User research


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1+ year project


Multidisciplinary team

Concept visualization

Color & Material (CMF)

Product development

The Challenge: Innovating Urban Mobility with Cost-Effective Design

In the fast-paced world of urban mobility, UNU faced the challenge of staying ahead while keeping manufacturing costs in check. My mission was to support designing a new scooter model that not only addressed existing issues but also aligned with market demands and our commitment to quality and affordability.

The Solution: Creating a Holistic Experience to Address User Needs 

Addressing the challenge involved a comprehensive redesign of the scooter, emphasizing critical aspects such as the display, battery efficiency, and overall quality. Collaborating with suppliers in China, we introduced a vibrant color palette based on extensive market research to set our scooters apart from competitors and resonate with contemporary consumer preferences. Beyond the scooter, I led the developement of accessories, creating a cohesive product ecosystem.